What are proxy servers mainly used for in the SEO industry?

ATP005-b.jpg This article enlightens us about the necessity for using proxy server in the SEO industry. How can one benefit by using proxy server for Exploration Engine Optimization

SEO’s efficacious Proxy Servers to hide or change their true IP address. There are several reasons you might want to do this:

If you access competitor websites a lot for research, their webservers log your IP address and may be able to trace your activities back to you. Nearby routing your requests over a Assignee Server, your true identity is hidden
If your agency manages lots regarding Social Media accounts on behalf of clients, eg Facebook and Twitter, your agency will be making lots about requests for many different accounts nonetheless all from the same IP address. Facebook and Twitter may accidentally detect this legitimate activity while if you are spamming, and so block you. Routing each of your clients’ Social Media activity via a different Proxy Server makes it look endorse normal occupation with each account’s activity coming from a different IP address.
SEO agencies oversee to send lots like queries to Google, Bing and other Search Engines. If you’re all on the same office network, all that activity from the same IP address, especially if you use keyword ranking software, looks like a potential Denial of Service attack to the Search Engines. They might hence block your IP address, preventing you from further searching. Sending your queries via different Proxy Servers mitigates that, et cetera can thus also be used to speed up your keyword ranking reports.

To surf as if you are in another country. Many websites, especially Search Engines, serve boost separate content depending on your country. They foreordained it by detecting your IP addressable and looking it raise in a commercial Geo-IP database (Google being Google of policy are believed to use their own proprietary algorithms for working it out). For example, if your SEO Agency was based in the UK but you had a client in the USA, the results you get from Google.com are going to exist different than your client’s results. This is because Google is actual helpfully trying to “personalise” the results. Several SEO packages like Precocious Web Ranking, WebCEO and Rank Tracker can mimic this by tweaking the parameters it sends to Google to “trick” it against thinking you’re in another location. I’ve seen SEO’s recite different levels like success with this technique, with AWR getting the best results in my experience. But as Google particularly seeks to “personalise” further and more, they are suspected to increasingly be taking your IP address into account when they personalise the SERPs. And this technique doesn’t work with all search engines or software. Therefore we see a lot of SEO Agencies who enjoy clients overseas use Proxy Servers based in their clients’ countries, to ensure they get the same personalised results thus their clients.
Hope this piece informs enough as to why should one use Proxy Server for SEO.