A general insight about proxy servers

pfsquid2.png The proxy server is the heart of the operation from LAN Plexus as such because it is the active element of the system that controls the types of data packets entering the plexus LAN and also fulfills the function of being a point of Internet entry from Workstations substitute network computers. By their nature Server, this team meets as following:

• Content Filter. You can restrict your configuration files, to the kind of content can be accessed toward workstations.

• Treasure of pages. The proxy stores all the pages that are navigated from the workstations accordingly that if at any temporal there browsing, Substitute pages ration specs from the workstations as if they were navigating Internet.

• Assign network addresses to each Workstation, using DHCP (Dynamic Host Outline Protocol Dynamic Protocol Configuration or hosting). This means that the workstations that configure the LAN Complex on this feature, "seek "in the Reticulation who is assigning IP addresses to navigate. The stations will find the DHCP server, the server decree assign an IP adroitness and thereupon you can riffle leisurely.

• Firewall Management. Some Proxy servers can also have what is called a firewall, which has the tax from "stopping" eavesdropping outside the internal network. This software tin filter out some agents viruses and harmful programs that container make the navigation does not sweat on the workstations.


It is recommended to learn about proxy Server features. Top specialists are more than flexible and willing to help you. All in all, a Proxy is a system designed to establish an entry policy production is say, is to determine which websites vessel be visited and also by whom. Reports are created clickhere to Internet access, and it makes cache to speed navigation furthermore pages visited.

So, by ensuring fast memory, it easily backs visited web pages. As mentioned, it imposes an road control policy from the network to the Internet, determining which Internet addresses may or permitted not be seen by as which users.

The benefits about using a representative are clear. It reduces bandwidth consumption of Internet access. When a user tries to access a already visited page, Internet connection is not slowed down due to added users, as the page is downloaded from the proxy cache and Internet.

Faster access to already visited pages is also ensured. The pages that are downloaded from the cache using the network speed (typically 100 Mb / s) while you download from the Internet are limited to the bandwidth of the router (usually 256 Kb / s) and the Internet itself

As far as reports are concerned, thanks to an Anonymous Proxy, you can tell which pages have been visited by the users and get statistics to know which page was the most visited, etc.

Anonymous Proxies systems are basically composed of three elements:

• Groups of destinations.

• Customer groups.

• Access Rules.

Using access rules, the administrator sets the policy to determine which customer groups can access which group of destinations. Sufficient said, you should be now ready to buy proxies with total ease.