Using a Proxy Server in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Industry

There are a variety of reasons why SEOs will use a proxy server to hide their IP address. Let’s articulate you brook a business and you want to apprehend what your competition is doing. If you visit their website, your identity is being tracked by your IP address. The competitor knows you are looking around their site and possibly even downloading information.

SEO organizations similarly set up pages on Facebook for a multiformity of SEO clients. Even though the pages are for different clients, there is only one IP address showing up and that is yours. Facebook or other social media sites might insistent that you are spamming the site ampersand could easily block you from accessing it. If this happens, you will be unable to accustom the site to set boost pages for clients alternative for marketing alternative other legitimate uses.

If you are sending queries to a search ram and others in your SEO association are while well, you might get blocked from the search engine site. If you want to search sites in another country, you might not be able to do so. If you live in the US and you want to learn websites in China or the UK, you may find that you are unable to do so. This can really hurt your SEO organization which may rely on being adept to obtain information from websites all over the world. If an SEO has an international client, it may want to promote the client’s goods or services in other countries. They may want to use blog comments as part of the marketing campaign. If they cannot access blogs in other countries, they would not have the advantage that former marketing agencies inside the country have.

Fortunately, SEO organizations can use Proxy Servers so that they can effectively market for their clients, entrenched up social media pages and also use keyword queries without having to disquietude about being blocked. Proxy servers will also bear you to search Internet pages in other countries that might oppositely be inaccessible.

Because your IP address contains your location information, you can be blocked, based on your location, from access certain sites in other countries. To circumvent this, use a proxy server. The proxy server legacy hide your IP address and the address that shows up at the fate server will be the address of the proxy. You will remain anonymous.

If you want to remain anonymous from your competition, who choice most likely be reviewing reports rather data of who is visiting their site, using a proxy will keep your IP address from showing up. If you are doing a lot of searches at one site, your IP address will be recognized. There is software that will show your IP address. If you don’t know your IP address, just go to Google and search for IP address. The first query that shows up will be your own IP address. Companies that see firm IP addresses can do a look to see where that specific address is coming from.