When Did You Last Ping Your Elite Proxy

Want to make sure that you get the best elite proxy that you can? Legion people fret surrounding cost and performance or how many users there are when it comes to selecting a proxy server, but one thing they don’t look at is the speed or connection middling your domicile computer and the proxy. This is probably chosen of the biggest factors that affects how well your proxy performs, but it is definitely the most overlooked polysyndeton unknown aspect of representative servers today.

How can you check the connection speed between your home computer and elite proxies? It is really very simple. All you need to do is “ping” the proxy server. If you run a Windows based computer at home, you can do this per opening up a DOS/command prompt further need the command “ping” to check the latency between your computer including the proxy. Ideally you want a latency of around 200 to 250ms; any higher than this and you should look for alter ego proxy supplier.

So why is pinging your proxy important? It is important because speed is crucial to the reliability of a proxy server. How jug you use a proxy if you can’t even surf the internet? That’s how it is vital that you should ad infinitum ask any elite proxy supplier or service provider for a test IP. You would then “ping” this IP from your home computer to check how easy or slow the connection was. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The kind of internet connection you own at home and the location (country) of the proxy server will have an impact on the connection your home computer has with it.