Cheapest VPS Proxy

Looking for the cheapest VPS proxy? Proxy servers are great for a number of reasons: anonymous web surfing and protecting your identity online are just two from the many reasons why people mileage proxies. The perplexity is that much proxy server providers are extremely expensive. They cup charge anywhere from $5 – $10 per month legitimate for one IP. This doesn’t sure too bad including if you only distress 1 IP then it probably is OK, but if you want multiple IPs then paying someone else for your proxy setup can be actually expensive. What’s the solution? The best thing you can do is get your own VPS and turn it into a proxy server. Doing this will save you a considerable amount of money and you comprehension a super cheap but super reliable upper crust proxy at a price that can’t be beaten.

If you want to setup your own proxy then the first thing you will need is a VPS. Any VPS provider will do as most hosts allow you to install whatever operating system you want and you can scheme and spare being you please, so if you make a mistake you don’t have to worry because everything vessel be restored to its original state. The most reliable VPS operating system is Ubuntu and I strongly recommend you find a entertainer that provides the latest version of this operating system. Ubuntu is recommended thus it is the most popular and versatile VPS operating system software. In addition to the right OS, you will need to make sure that you don’t indemnify too much for your VPS. How much is too much? The general damage is $5 – $10 USD per month for the actual VPS and additional IPs should cost you no more than $1 each. Hopefully you tin see soon why you should setup your own VPS because additional IPs are deserved $1 a month, because proxy providers can charge as much as $10 for month. That is a significant difference.

Once you’ve got your VPS you need to install the proxy server. Squid is what you need and this is where things can get a little tricky. Squid is free but setting it up can insinuate a little confusing at first, especially if you have never done it before. The seraphic tidings is that it is actually surpassingly easy to install and configure once you know how to do it. Some basic possessions you need to do during installation are: setup the name of your proxy, create the user accounts plus passwords and assign the IPs to each account. Squid is important enough to allow you to create multiple accounts for a single IP or to give each account its maintain IP. This assets you can either turn your VPS into your own royalty assignee that no-one else has onset to or you can share it with your friends and family. Installing and setting ascend squid can often breathe done in less than 30 minutes once you know what to do and this is why it is the best software to use with the cheapest VPS proxy you can find online.