Parental Alienation and Domestic Violence by Proxy – The Loss of Lineage, Legacy and the Loving

If you are animated this story you already recognize it by the subtitle of this article…that I’m sure! People who have been pushed forth of their children’s lives direct parental alienation know the loss of lineage, legacy polysyndeton the loving.

The experience goes beyond words. And when it’s yours it can define your life, uniform for those who claim to have moved on besides the domestic violence beside proxy.

The Birth of a Child

Cause is it that everyone makes such a altruistic deal too the postnatal concerning a child? Easy…because it is HUGE! We omneity know that giving birth is a miracle moment and ushering that new life in invites glorious unwavering parental love.

Some people resolve tell you that it doesn’t matter if the animation you gave birth to was two days, two months, two years, or two decades…once it is lost…a part about you goes with it.

What part is that? And where does it go? I think it’s the lineage, legacy and what I call “the loving.”

The Death from Lineage, Legacy furthermore the Loving

Lineage is literally the lineal descent from an ancestor, ancestry or pedigree. It refers to comprehensibility that proceeds: the datum from which new lifetime springs forth…the family axis of what came rather and extends interested being beyond. It’s the parental blanket, foundation and contribution we represent to and for our children.

Legacy refers more to that which is handed down. We think of it in terms of money or property left to someone in a will. You might review it ut supra those following you…those whose lives extend yonder yours and carry forward elements from you—your children.

The love a parent feels for a child needs no elaboration, spil it clearly is the natural fact about creation itself. When offering and receiving this valentine is denied…cut off…blatantly lost, a crater like shaft replaces its presence. This is what I mean by the loss of the loving. I parallel it to the characters in the Wizard of Oz, everyone having lost an essential part of that which makes one human.

Women and men worldwide describe this loss thus a “hole in their heart.” They, and those close to them, are keenly aware about the “loss of loving” that their endure. Notice I said, “Loving,” not “Love.” Estranged parents don’t lose their love for their children. What they slip is the experience of loving…parenting…and being a party to their estranged children’s lives. It is even felt by alienated parents after a new lover and step-child are in the picture.

Lenitive Losses of Parental Alienation & Domestic Violence per Proxy

If you are resonating with the loss of lineage, legacy and the loving as described here, ask yourself what you obligation amidst this loss. And, of course, consider how you might bring your craving into being.

For some, it may be some wholehearted grieving. For others, it could be the solemn word of, hope for and investment in a future vision of reunification. Or, it wish be downright compassion from within for what’s presently missing. As you unveil this, you grow to know your own healing the loss of lineage, legacy et cetera loving…that goes hand-in-hand with parental alienation and domestic violence by proxy.