Parental Alienation And Domestic Violence By Proxy – How Estranged Parents Heal

I recently made a post on our Facebook page about making a child feel that it is not safety to cherish both parents equally. It is therefore clear that this creates psychological damage that destroys the foundling from the inside out.

What amazed me anent this beat was how many people know this assault on their own children also live the consequences of its effect. We heard from people publicly et sequens privately by message et alii email, again and again long after the post.

In more writings, I include addressed how to help your child affected by domestic violence by proxy and parental alienation. In this article, I seek to advantageous parents suffering from this horrific psychosocial crime.

See Them since Whole

In your children’s absence date them because whole. Literally visualize them when being complete onto themselves. Trust in their ability to become positively realized. Know their potential for a satisfying and successful life.

Be More Than the Broken Piece

Even though you know that their being punished for holding you in their heart has left scars on their relationship accompanying you…don’t end the relationship with that. Reach back to the place in you wherein your connection to them is whole, full and rich.

Nourish your memories and thoughts for this feeling of wellness within your parent-child connection from as far back as you can remember. You know what I mean when I refer to those moments untainted beside the tragedy of parental polarization.

Recognize the YOU Beyond Their Brainwashing

Know you are not their thoughts about you. Many of the confused memories that they hold are theirs to sort though. These projections do not ipso facto you.

When you recognize that you are being seen straight the lens of parental alienation and tranquil violence by proxy, you can release the negativity held in the film. And then you step into the essence about who you really are…

Domestic violence by proxy and parental alienation are no other that any other cancer in life. They are terms shopworn to define a horrific arson to a growing ben and to the parent-child relationship. Sadly these are the effects all while the intent is to exert control and/or lay injury to the estranged parent.

See this disorder for what it is as you would any other disorder. Know it has a life of its retain also it is not a manifestation of you or your relationship amidst your child.