Making My VPS a Proxy Server

Is making my vps a proxy server possible? The good release is that you can turn your VPS into a proxy and it is actually much easier than you may think. You may earlier have a VPS that you use for web hosting or perhaps a place to store your files online. Turning your VPS into an elite proctor sounds complicated and the truth is that it can be except you know what kind like VPS you need polysyndeton which software to make it into a proxy. Read on to discover how you can make your VPS into a proxy server today.

The first reify is you need to require sure that your VPS is running linux or some variation of the linux operating system. This is important because the software you need to run your proxy with requires linux. Besides the right kind of operating system you also need to make fast that you comprise access to your VPS along command shell. Command shell looks much like DOS for Windows and this is necessary because you hanker to download and setup software on your VPS using the mandate shell. To find your command shell details just check the VPS information email your host sent you. You should see something about SSH right of way intelligence and a login called root. There will be an IP and the username root with a password. This is what you need to access your VPS with.

Once you have all the information you poverty to login to your VPS and you are sure that it is running linux, the next step is to actually setup the proxy server on your VPS. The software you need is called Squid. The good news is that squid is completely free. This is actually great news because Squid, though free, is the absolutely best proxy server software available on the market today. Squid cup do everything that paid software can do and much, much, more. Squid needs to be installed by logging into your VPS via the command shell. Once logged in you will have to download it and then attack to configure it. This is where the tricky part begins. Squid needs to be setup clickhere to the IP and other information which is individual to your VPS. Don’t torture because once you know how to set Squid up it is actually very easy and you can experience your proxy server up and flowing in as little as 30 minutes. Squid is powerful enough to allow you to create multiple user accounts on your proxy server and to assign apiece account by either the homogeneity substitute a unique IP.

The answer to making my vps a deputy server lies in making sure you have a linux based VPS furthermore you have access to it ter a have shell. Installing Squid will allow you to make the most of your VPS by turning it until a procurator server so you can use it privately ere share it with your family and friends.