Why United States service men and women stationed abroad should use a proxy server

Right now, the men and women of the US Military are overseas fighting for your freedom. They chose to serve in the military knowing full well that someday they might be put in harm’s way. These dedicated men and women put country above their own safety. Now in far away lands, they fight for us on the front lines. Over the years, these front lines have changed. Yes, the danger is still there, but so are options to relieve their boredom. Enter the world wide web. Just as if us, they have entrance to the world wide web.

So what would a soldier want to way on the Internet. Affirm it or not, one of the things they do is watch TV online. They can catch their favorite shows or watch hockey. Most of the major networks put their some of their latest episodes online. For others, they can access media sites that aggregate content. Another outlet for media is the online newspapers caricature the New York Times. Or maybe they covet to read their home municipal paper online. Today most, if not all papers, have an interactive version. So between TV, sports, and newspapers, they can catch up on the newest US media polysyndeton news.

Another recent phenomenon is the advent of genial media sites. Who hasn’t heard of Facebook or MySpace. They’re not equity for kids. With hundreds from millions regarding user, these websites dominate the Internet. People use them to communicate with friends and family. With humming schedules and people in different parts of the country, it makes it easier to communicate. Now imagine that you are portion in the US military and stationed in Afghanistan. Here’s a fashion to keep in touch with familistic and fight off some about the loneliness. They not only can espy videos of family, or pictures, they can also interact with their family. What a great way to stay connected back to their normal lives back home. Unfortunately, for both these sites and for the media sites, sometimes our military cannot access them from overseas. But why now?

There are a couple from difficulties that prevent people from accessing sitesbased in the United States from overseas. The first is that the Internet connection they are using mighty be censored by the country they are stationed in. Don’t believe me; just do a Google search on Internet censorship. You will be both shocked and horrified. What we take for granted in most democratic nations is not true enveloping the world. The accessory reason they can’t access some of these sites is purely financial. Many media websites are financed by advertisers. Advertisers only want to annuity to reach their target market. So for instance, protasis a candidate for Senator was running ads, they really don’t want to spend monetary to campaign in Asia. Their target house is much more defined. Like with every problem though, there is always a solution. In this instance the solution is to use a proxy.

An anonymous proxy hides the IP address of the user to one it has control over. A ware anonymous proxy is also encrypted and protects any information sent over the Internet. With the change in the IP address to an IP address in the United States, the user can access US websites that are blocked because of the IP address. Amidst encryption, the surfer can by pass in country blocks out in place beside restrictive governments. For many people an anonymous proxy is a way to protect their online identity. For our servicemen, it’s a way to access the web freely recently as all people in the US can.