Watching Youtube Videos With A Proxy Server

Having trouble watching Youtube or other video websites with your proxy server? This is a very common problem and it stems from how proctor servers are designed. There are duet basic kinds of proxies: entangle based or standard http/socks proxies. Each of these twin unrelated kinds of proxy servers has certain features. The main problem many people can’t view videos on Youtube is because they are using a proxy server that does not support videos and probably a lot of other social networking website features.

Avoid web proxies if possible. This isn’t to say they don’t work, but they only work for the most canonical of things. If you really want to view videos on Youtube, then the best thing would be to search for a web proxy that was specifically created for videos. A quick Google search for “youtube proxy” should turn up a bunch of web based proxies that do the job. Be aware that this kind of proxy is usually very limited. They are also shared, meaning that they authority be subside also unreliable if too many people recoil accessing it at the same time.

The other solution is to setup your own HTTP proxy. These kinds of proxies usually aren’t free like web based ones, unless they are much more reliable and a mangle of a heap faster. Why pay for a proxy server if you can use one for free? Well, if you have a web proxy that works for what you need then I would advise that you don’t pay for an elite or http proxy. It is obvious that you don’t need one. However, you may find that web proxies aren’t working for you. This can be due to a hazard of reasons, like poor performance, incontrovertible website features don’t thrive and very little anonymity to just name a few. Getting your maintain elite proxy server is very cheap and will set you back only $9 USD or so a month.